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Well hi there!

Welcome to my website, Beauty in Your Forties.  

This website came out of my love of beauty products and make up and my journey through my forties.  As we age obviously we start to look different and we go through changes.  I've written a Beauty blog called Beauty Aware since 2013 which was predominantly about make up and shower gels but more recently I have started to re-think my make up and skincare choices.  This is because it seems that the products that used to suit me ten years ago are no longer compatible with my skin and apparently certain types of red lipstick drain all the colour from my face!

What you'll find on this site are little bits of news and views about products I've tried, a little bit about what I'm up to (I'm a busy mum like lots of people so I don't always have a lot of time for myself) and links to my longer blog posts over on Beauty Aware.  I'm not an expert, not a make up artist, and not professionally trained but I know a lot about what works for me.  Ping me an email if you want to chat.

Love, Maria


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